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Bookish Update: How I failed, what I learnt

At the beginning of 2012 I set out to read 100 books. I decided to do it because I love reading, and because I want my girls to see me reading and to, someday, follow my example. I failed. I only managed to read 75 books in 2012, I made it three quarters of the […]

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Bookish Update – It’s Not Me, It’s You

As most of you know, I am endeavoring to read 100 books this year. So far, I’ve read 9 books. The first Seven of those were completed in January. That means, in February and half of March I read two books. I’ve been beating myself up for this, I’ve been pretty rough on myself. After […]

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Bookish Update – Rebel With A Cause

Holy Dang you guys, I could be in a lot of trouble. If the Library calls you, don’t tell them where I am! I have three overdue books right now, but the website is showing my fine at .50, so that’s pretty cool. I’m returning them tomorrow! I’m not sure why I’m so terrible! Okay, […]

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Another Bookish Update

This post didn’t occur Sunday, when it should have, because I didn’t want to write it. I still don’t, but whatever. Oh well. I’m 2 books behind! Yay! Things I’ve learned in the first month of Reading 100 Books in a Year: If I can do this, anyone can I have a full time job, […]

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Readers Obligation

I’m in love with the Library. The first job I ever applied for was a job as a Page at the Anaheim Public Library in Orange County, CA (I didn’t get it). As a teenager, books were my friends. I remember riding my bike to my local branch and devouring the Fantasy and Sci-Fi aisle. My […]

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1 year, 100 books – The List

Twenty-four hours after posting about the 1 year, 100 book challenge I set for myself, my post has 1,730 views and 83 comments recommending hundreds of books. Wow. You guys are awesome! The comments are a resource I’ll go back to over and over again to find new stuff to read. This only happened because […]

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One Year, One Hundred Books

I believe in the power of stories. Whether genre or literary, fiction or non-fiction. I believe that a story has the power to save lives, or to create lives for people that they never imagined they could have. I believe a story has the power to speak to the soul, to demolish barriers and build […]

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