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Bookish Update – It’s Not Me, It’s You

As most of you know, I am endeavoring to read 100 books this year. So far, I’ve read 9 books. The first Seven of those were completed in January. That means, in February and half of March I read two books. I’ve been beating myself up for this, I’ve been pretty rough on myself. After […]

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Bookish Update – Rebel With A Cause

Holy Dang you guys, I could be in a lot of trouble. If the Library calls you, don’t tell them where I am! I have three overdue books right now, but the website is showing my fine at .50, so that’s pretty cool. I’m returning them tomorrow! I’m not sure why I’m so terrible! Okay, […]

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The Day After Christmas

On Christmas day we woke early, we opened presents, there was a lot of exclaiming and there was an entire bag of trash by the time they finished. The girls are still young enough to be excited over clothes, over anything wrapped, over the mere fact of gifts. We left the house, still in our […]

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Gimme 5

A Camera in Every Pocket

Did I do that correctly?  I’m not supposed to capitalize the word “in”, even though it’s part of the title, right? Digressing in the first sentence.  Definitely a sign of things to come. You probably already know (since most of you actually know me, in meatspace (ugh)) that I’m a geek. I know that I […]

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Approval Rating

I don’t know why, but Abby always gets sentimental during bath time.  Maybe she feels the way I do, perhaps she understands how fleeting this time is.  Maybe she realizes that these moments, like distant novas, will  burn themselves out before their light reaches us. Or maybe she isn’t seeing the kaleidoscope of her future, elementary days […]

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Parenting and The First Rule of Improv

A disturbance in the room makes us both hold our breath. A sound, a scraping, perhaps a drag. Or was it a step? “I heard something” Abby whispers. “Shhh. I heard it too.” I whisper, even quieter. The air under the blanket is close, moist from our exhalations. We crouch low on the couch, not […]

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September 2010

Joshua Giraffe and the Deep Blue Sea

I stand ankle deep in the Pacific Ocean.  Kate’s entire 19 pounds rests on my hip.  Abby, already my Big Girl at three, clutches my hand, and jumps up and down in the water. “Joshua Giraffe,” she sings, “Joshua, Joshua!  Joshua Giraffe!” We’ve been standing here for an hour, and every time I think about […]

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