1 year, 100 books – The List

Twenty-four hours after posting about the 1 year, 100 book challenge I set for myself, my post has 1,730 views and 83 comments recommending hundreds of books. Wow. You guys are awesome! The comments are a resource I’ll go back to over and over again to find new stuff to read. This only happened because […]

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One Year, One Hundred Books

I believe in the power of stories. Whether genre or literary, fiction or non-fiction. I believe that a story has the power to save lives, or to create lives for people that they never imagined they could have. I believe a story has the power to speak to the soul, to demolish barriers and build […]

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In which I speak about myself, ad nauseum

I am sometimes very much like my children. They don’t have a lot of experience interpreting their emotions. To them, emotion is all. It is immediate, it is overwhelming, and it is absolutely true and unquestionable. When Abigail and I have conversations about emotion, it’s a real challenge for her to hang a word on what […]

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Parenting Quotes, 4

I burped. Really I belched. Then I went wide eyed and said “excuse me!” Abby: “That was a big burp! Why do daddies have big burps?”

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Fake Futures

I wanted to blog tonight but I have no idea what I’ll be blogging. You’ve been warned. I’m listening to She and Him (A Very She And Him Christmas) and drinking a Ben Marco Malbec, which is satisfactory.  I like Malbec because it’s good, but not as sweet as Pinot Noir. It’s complicated, and momentarily […]

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The Subtle Art of Conversation

Abby has a new trick.  Or maybe not. It’s hard to decide whether she’s being willfully disobedient or just…distracted.  The other night I was putting lotion on her sister before bed time, and she volunteered to help.  I accepted, and told her I would get her lotion.  After she had applied it all to her […]

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Parenting Quotes, 3

I told Abby I was going to take a shower.  As I got ready I walked past the bedroom to see her jumping on my bed. “Be careful, Abigail.” I said, knowing I couldn’t talk her out of it if I was in the shower anyway. “Go take a shower, Dad.” she replied.

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Media Consumption Junction

This article is a great tie in to my last blog post: Children’s Media Use, Zero to Eight years of age. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) 29% of infants and toddlers have a television in their rooms.  Coming from a household that didn’t even have a TV for the first few years of my life (Thanks mom!) […]

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A month of blagging

When I started this blag I hoped I might get a hundred hits in the first month.  Three weeks into my experiment, with over two hundred and fifty pageviews logged I thought, “Maybe I’ll see 300 hits in the first month.” Somehow, I broke 400 pageviews in the first 4 weeks of blogging at bookish […]

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Parenting Quotes, 2

We were at REI looking at bicycle trailers. Kate and Abby really liked them, and were having fun sitting in them. Abby has enjoyed buckling seatbelts for years, so i wasn’t surprised to see her buckling Kate into one of the Chariot trailers. A minute later, Abby said this in the most matter of fact, […]

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