Music Monday – Cloud Nothings

I am compelled to blog, by alliteration. No one asked for Music Monday to become an institution, but it’s so damn catchy. This week, I’m really digging an album called “Attack on Memory” by Cloud Nothings. I’m not about reviews or “Liking good music”, if you need the lowdown you can go to pitchfork, or, […]

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If you need any proof that I’m a father, this should suffice: I attend a mens group and I recently had to speak in front of the group, to tell them something about myself, who I am, my life. It was free form, and completely improvised. I told a story about Abigail, and about poop. […]

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Music Monday – Gotye

I opined the lack of decent January album releases a couple of weeks ago. I take it all back. Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” is an 11th hour winner for my “Best album of the month” Award. This award is freshly minted, confers no actual or intellectual benefit, and may not be issued ever, ever again. But […]

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Parenting Quotes, 5

Bedtime: “Daddy, what do you want to dream about?” “I want to dream about you and your sister.” “Do you want to dream about us jumping rope?” “Yeah. That sounds perfect.” “Okay. Goodnight daddy.”

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I’m making this up as I go

It’s not unexpected that she should argue with me over matters of style. I expect our opinions will be wildly divergent until she turns thirty. As I thought about this blog post, I wondered what image I could attach to it, and if I had a photo of Abigail screaming at me. Unfortunately (for this […]

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Bookish Update

I’m 4 weeks into my One Hundred Book Reading Challenge, and I’m on track! I’ve completed six books, and I’m halfway through The Pale Blue Eye. To see the books I’ve read, and in most cases to see a rating or a review, check out my GoodReads 2012 Challenge Page. If you don’t have a […]

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Friday / Music

I listened to a bunch of new albums today, and didn’t find anything I enjoyed. I’m not willing to make the blanket statement that nothing¬†good came out in January, but it is looking bleak. I enjoyed Kathleen Edwards “Voyageur“. That link to NPR’s site will let you listen to the entire album, you can also […]

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The Day After Christmas

On Christmas day we woke early, we opened presents, there was a lot of exclaiming and there was an entire bag of trash by the time they finished. The girls are still young enough to be excited over clothes, over anything wrapped, over the mere fact of gifts. We left the house, still in our […]

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Best Album of 2011

I love music. So I thought I’d give you my top three albums of 2011, with a secret bonus album. I hope you like them, and I’d love to hear your opinion on the best music of the year. Share what you love, so I can discover something new! The best album of 2011 came […]

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Readers Obligation

I’m in love with the Library. The first job I ever applied for was a job as a Page at the Anaheim Public Library in Orange County, CA (I didn’t get it). As a teenager, books were my friends.¬†I remember riding my bike to my local branch and devouring the Fantasy and Sci-Fi aisle. My […]

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