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Her smooth skin tells all truths in gold hued white. Of choices waiting, paths untried, of tears uncried. It speaks of laughter, rapture, and a thousand joys to come. When womanhood arrives, so tremulous and unsure, will she be marked then? Stamped, with proof of trial or triumph? Middle life, or marriage, childbirth, loss, divorce, […]

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Music Monday – Fiona Apple

Abby picked it. We’ve been listening to the new Fiona Apple album this week and Abby always requests this song. I enjoy it, but I’ve heard it too many times at this point. She, on the other hand, has NOT heard it too many times. What? It’s not as if I can tell her no. […]

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Parenting Quotes – 6 – I think

Abby: “NOOOOO!” Me: “Abby what’s wrong?!” Abby: “Katie says that the Giraffe doesn’t eat flowers, but they does!” Me: “Okay…what does it matter if she disagrees?” Abby: “DADDY! BECAUSE GIRAFFES ALWAYS EAT FLOWERS! THEY JUST DO!” In case you were wondering, it matters because Someone is Wrong, and this Cannot Stand. #ForGreatJustice

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Widening Gyre

I want you to imagine a vast underground chamber. Stone walls soar into shadows blacker than the darkest night. From gouges in the floor of this vast chamber, jets of flame shoot up at intervals. Amidst rubble and detritus, men and women are chained hand and foot to huge spoked wheels, axles driven into the […]

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A Birthday Letter for Abigail

My Dearest Abigail, We’ve shared many firsts, you and I. Your diaper was the first one I ever changed, in a hospital room, unsure of myself. You’re the first child I ever sang to sleep, holding you in my arms so small and fresh and strange. You are the first, best thing I ever did. […]

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