Music Monday – Leonard Cohen

One of my friends, Andrew McAlpine, recently wrote an article about music, covers, and the endurance of really good songs. If you like music, or good writing, you should read it. In the article he uses a Leonard Cohen song as an example, to drive his premise. As a result, I’ve been listening to Leonard Cohen all week.

The challenge in choosing a Leonard Cohen song to share is in picking the right now. I’m not trying to surprise you with my knowledge of Cohen’s incredible back catalog, and I’m not trying to show off how high brow I am, so maybe picking the right Cohen song isn’t that hard. I like many of them, but I love Suzanne. This isn’t an uncommon sentiment, it’s one of his top songs for a reason.

Since I like you so much, though, I’m giving you a bonus song. My favorite track off of the new album, “Old Ideas”, is called Amen. The lyrics are human, kind of shattered and brutally honest. Classic Cohen. What I love, though, is the music. Cohen’s stripped down acoustic songs have always been my favorite (See: Suzanne) and “Amen” has a little more going on, especially during the bridge. It all works perfectly, though.



“…And you know that she’s half crazy, but that’s why you want to be there…”


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