Music Monday – Andrew Bird

And so I was like, “Yeah, totally.” and he was all like, “Totally, yeah.”

Oh, hi. Welcome to Monday! I was going to try to make Music Monday be less inaccessible, weird, folky, nonsense. Then Andrew Bird announced a new album and you all have to pay the price.

Or not, I guess. You don’t HAVE to listen to the songs in this post. I don’t have any way of knowing if you do or don’t. Really, I’m just sharing what I’ve been liking lately because I think it’s cool and I like being exposed to music I’ve never heard through other blogs, so there you go.

That doesn’t mean you have to participate in this experiment. You do whatever you want. No one will give you a hard time.

Go over to NPR’s new music area to hear the whole album (For a limited time).

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