Music Monday – Shearwater

Good morning! Happy Presidents Day, or as I like to call it, “The Holiday Time Forgot”. Every year people start to get excited in the middle of February and I can’t ever figure out why. Then I try to schedule a meeting on Monday and someone says, in the most obnoxious voice you’ve ever heard, “I won’t be here Monday, but you’re welcome to come in!” and I realize that it’s a holiday.

And then I’m thinking, cool, lets have a barbecue! Except it’s February and, even though it’ll be 70 degrees outside, that just isn’t a done thing. Anyway, how do you call your friends and say, “Hey! Lets Celebrate the birth and times of George Washington!” with a straight face? (Link contains copious swears, hilarity.)

I did some research and it turns out that President’s Day is essentially a Car and Mattress buying holiday. So get out there and spend money, like our first President would’ve wanted you to do in the middle of winter!

To help…uh…that cause? I guess? Here’s some Shearwater. The first two songs on their new album are awesome, I got too bored to listen to the rest, so I don’t know if it’s kid friendly or not. Sorry! This song is Kid Friendly and Abby Approved.

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