Music Monday – Cloud Nothings

I am compelled to blog, by alliteration. No one asked for Music Monday to become an institution, but it’s so damn catchy.

This week, I’m really digging an album called “Attack on Memory” by Cloud Nothings. I’m not about reviews or “Liking good music”, if you need the lowdown you can go to pitchfork, or, you know, amazon or whatever. Here’s what I like: it reminds me of punk music, with pop sensibilities and incredible hooks. As much as I try to like the Hookless baroque soundscaperock, I am a simple man. I like a good hook. I like a fast riff. I enjoy drums that are probably a little too loud and screamy punk-voice.

The biggest challenge this week was finding just one track to link for your gratification. I almost gave up and embedded every single one of them. You should just buy this album. I’m not joking when I tell you that you’re missing more than you’re getting when you listen to this song. I love it, but I love everything else in aggregate so much more.

Parents: This album is completely kid friendly, up until the last song, the incredibly disturbing “Cut You”, which begins “Does he hurt you like I do / Does he even hit you too”. While Cut You contains no profanity, the very adult theme of the lyrics makes it inappropriate for children.

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