Music Monday – Gotye

I opined the lack of decent January album releases a couple of weeks ago. I take it all back. Gotye’s “Making Mirrors” is an 11th hour winner for my “Best album of the month” Award. This award is freshly minted, confers no actual or intellectual benefit, and may not be issued ever, ever again. But for now, enjoy this track from Gotye’s newest. It’s been on repeat for the last week, I dig it.

Parents: This track (which is the third on the album) contains the phrase “Screwed me over”. For me, that’s enough to make the Track un-kid-friendly. The entire rest of the album is fine for children.
The song State of The Art contains the refrain “Oh my God, It’s so!” but in a highly computer-tweaked voice. I’d be fine with my kids hearing it, because I don’t think I would’ve even understood it if I hadn’t read the lyrics to figure out what he was saying. Singing. Whatever.
Let me know if you like it!


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