Friday / Music

I listened to a bunch of new albums today, and didn’t find anything I enjoyed. I’m not willing to make the blanket statement that nothing¬†good came out in January, but it is looking bleak. I enjoyed Kathleen Edwards “Voyageur“. That link to NPR’s site will let you listen to the entire album, you can also use the iPhone NPR Music app (go to: First Listens).

Anyway, that album is about the only new album that I enjoyed, but it wasn’t really what I wanted to share. It’s Friday afternoon in Southern California and the weekend is about to kick off, so a little more celebration is in order. I give you, The Black Keys:

This is one of Abby’s favorites, if I try to change the song while this is playing I get yelled at. Obviously it contains no swears, and is kid friendly. Rock on! Happy Friday!


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