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This article is a great tie in to my last blog post: Children’s Media Use, Zero to Eight years of age.

Surprisingly (to me, anyway) 29% of infants and toddlers have a television in their rooms.  Coming from a household that didn’t even have a TV for the first few years of my life (Thanks mom!) and then treated it as a family entertainment center, I’m sort of stumped by this.

Do your young children have a television in their rooms?  What lead to that decision?  What has that been like, for the family dynamic?  What do you like and dislike about it?

It’s becoming more and more clear that media for children doesn’t trump reading or play, but when parents are so busy engaging with media, how can we raise children who don’t?

Since this post is already pretty much based on a link, I want to link to one of my favorite blogs.  It sort of answers my last question, but there are some parents who can’t necessarily scale back their media responsibilities.  Anyway, this whole article from zen habits is great but the key for me is this rule:

“Don’t overschedule. Most parents schedule too many classes, sports, parties, activities. We give our kids lots of unstructured, unscheduled time. They have to figure out what to do with that time. That’s an important skill to learn. It also means their lives are less stressed out, as are ours, and they learn a slower pace of life.”

Maybe the trick of training our kids to be less absorbed in media is being less absorbed ourselves.  Maybe I “Overschedule” my media consumption, and doing less is the answer for the entire family.

If you read the rest of that zen habits article (Which is titled, “The Rules of Effortless Parenting”), you’ll like it.

My biggest infraction: Doting.  Come on, is doting that bad?  My kids ARE amazing!  Everything they do is a miracle!  Geez.  Don’t judge me.


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