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Media Consumption Junction

This article is a great tie in to my last blog post: Children’s Media Use, Zero to Eight years of age. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) 29% of infants and toddlers have a television in their rooms.  Coming from a household that didn’t even have a TV for the first few years of my life (Thanks mom!) […]

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A month of blagging

When I started this blag I hoped I might get a hundred hits in the first month.  Three weeks into my experiment, with over two hundred and fifty pageviews logged I thought, “Maybe I’ll see 300 hits in the first month.” Somehow, I broke 400 pageviews in the first 4 weeks of blogging at bookish […]

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Parenting Quotes, 2

We were at REI looking at bicycle trailers. Kate and Abby really liked them, and were having fun sitting in them. Abby has enjoyed buckling seatbelts for years, so i wasn’t surprised to see her buckling Kate into one of the Chariot trailers. A minute later, Abby said this in the most matter of fact, […]

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Red Flag

As parents, certain phrases that our children utter should be warnings to us.  We should always have an active ear trained on them, listening for these phrases, even when they’re in another room.  These phrases can be subtle or obvious, can require interpretation or may be clear as day. Hearing a “red flag” phrase will cause […]

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September 2011

Constructive Critiscm

“NO KATIE! Not like that!” Abby yelled. Katie is used to getting yelled at by Abby. If the mood swings of a preschooler are commonplace, Kate’s worldview must be skewed. This is something singletons never have; peer influence as constant as parental influence. Peer influence from a peer who is crazy, who is kissing you […]

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Introductions, Like Miniature Humans

Abby: “what’s your name?” Her: “My name is Charlotte, what’s your name?” Abby: “My name is Abigail, and Katie’s name is Katie.”

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Oct 2011


After making my parents a “delicious” and “exquisite” (Their words) meal last weekend (which the girls didn’t seem to enjoy much at all), I started thinking…why, I’m pretty good at this. Maybe I could make a blog about cooking. I could call it, “gourmet dad” and prove to parents that you can still put a […]

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Parenting Quotes

Abby: “Over the rooftops, step in time. Over the rooftops step in time.” Me: “Abby, please don’t step on my head.”

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Gimme 5

A Camera in Every Pocket

Did I do that correctly?  I’m not supposed to capitalize the word “in”, even though it’s part of the title, right? Digressing in the first sentence.  Definitely a sign of things to come. You probably already know (since most of you actually know me, in meatspace (ugh)) that I’m a geek. I know that I […]

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