Dragon Vacuum by Abby

We had a busy day on Friday and Saturday, and I decided that Sunday would be spent relaxing at home. We watched TV and played ...

Zen Abigail

“Daddy, I hear Crickets” she said. Her hand rested in mine as we walked home from the Farmer’s Market. We could still hear the band playing classic rock, the words indistinguishable, the music rising and falling behind us. “I hear them too. Sometimes you have to be still to hear things. Do you know how […]

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Katherine, on your birthday

My Dearest Kate, My heart is full of you today. Your third birthday was on Sunday, we had a bounce house, and a lot of cookies and hot dogs and friends and smiles and laughs. After everyone left I went in the bounce house with you and your sister, and Mark came in and jumped, and […]

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The “Bumbling Dad” Trope

I recently came across a blog post about Dad Bloggers taking to the streets with torches and pitchforks because Huggies (and other marketers) portrayed fathers (en masse) as incompetent, or, at the very least, less competent than mothers. Dad Bloggers Took A Stand against the harmful rhetoric inherent in the “bumbling dad” trope, they fought back […]

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That night, we sat under the stars Laughter all around us buzzing That night, your hand became ours fingers interlocking like continents That night, your body so near Our heads on a single pillow That night, your woodsmoke hair Tickling my nose That night, was a very. good. night.

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Bookish Update: How I failed, what I learnt

At the beginning of 2012 I set out to read 100 books. I decided to do it because I love reading, and because I want my girls to see me reading and to, someday, follow my example. I failed. I only managed to read 75 books in 2012, I made it three quarters of the […]

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A thing I learned tonight

It’s Sunday night, which means the girls need to be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning to get ready for school. They should be asleep by about 7pm to make this go off smoothly, and at 7:30 Katie was still calling me from the bedroom. When she isn’t tired, she just lays there and calls me. […]

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A note

I wrote this note on a piece of paper that the girls had colored on. the paper has floated around the house and I thought, maybe I should throw it away. Then it got water spilled on it. Then pizza. It’s nearing the end of its life, so I guess I’d better take the time […]

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The infinitude of Joy and Sadness

Listen to the sound of me spilling my heart through this pen -Eminem I looked in the mirror the other day, and recognized myself.  That isn’t quite right. I looked in the mirror the other day, and I liked what I saw. I’m carrying a few extra pounds, as usual. My hair is thinning in the front, my […]

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Her smooth skin tells all truths in gold hued white. Of choices waiting, paths untried, of tears uncried. It speaks of laughter, rapture, and a thousand joys to come. When womanhood arrives, so tremulous and unsure, will she be marked then? Stamped, with proof of trial or triumph? Middle life, or marriage, childbirth, loss, divorce, […]

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Music Monday – Fiona Apple

Abby picked it. We’ve been listening to the new Fiona Apple album this week and Abby always requests this song. I enjoy it, but I’ve heard it too many times at this point. She, on the other hand, has NOT heard it too many times. What? It’s not as if I can tell her no. […]

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